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Dementia D.O.M.E.

Facilitated by: Kimberly Shapkin & Loralee Fox

Dementia DOME We are pleased to host a new workshop, “The Dementia D.O.M.E.” (Developing Opportunities Mindfulness Education). This is a hands-on session for caregivers or any person who has a loved one living with dementia. You’ll gain practical strategies to improve and support the experience of caregiving.

Gain a strong understanding of the dementia continuum, new skills and strategies for interacting and communicating with a person with dementia, and understand the resources available to help you. Deepen your knowledge and skills and continue to build a meaningful relationship with the person living with dementia.


Any person that is a caregiver or has a loved one living with Dementia.

Number Of Participants

Maximum 20

Program Overview

Session 1:   Brain Tour
Session 2:   Instructional Skills: What to say, how to approach, distraction
Session 3:   Practical approaches to being present
Session 4:   Building resiliency
Session 5:   Next Steps: Community resources, homecare, continuing care, Alzheimer's


Please inquire for program cost.

Please join Kimberly Shapkin and Loralee Fox in creating your Dementia Developing Opportunity for Mindfulness Education.

About Us

Loralee Fox

Loralee Fox Advance Practice Nurse

Loralee Fox is a Master's prepared Registered Nurse with a specialty focus on care of older adults. She has received certification from the Canadian Nursing Association in the area of Gerontology and is a Certified PAC Trainer for Teepa Snow.

Kimberly Shapkin

Kimberly Shapkin Nurse Practitioner

Kimberly Shapkin is a Master’s prepared Registered Nurse and a Nurse Practitioner with a focus on caring for the older adult. Kimberly is certified with the Canadian Nurses Association in Gerontology and is an appointed Designated Capacity Assessor.

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